Top 5 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains (2022)

After dedicating yourself to a grow, nothing beats the payoff— hundreds, if not thousands of grams in high-quality marijuana. So if you’re looking to make extracts with massive amounts of bud, or if you just want the most bang for your buck, here are the highest yielding strains for indoors and outdoors!

1. Best Overall: Runtz Muffin

Runtz Muffin is a new twist on the legendary Runtz strain created by Barney’s Farm, with flavors that combine the fruity Gelato and Zkittlez fusion with zesty citrus. As a world-famous Girl Scout Cookies descendent, she’s got the classic sweet dessert strain taste with generous yields— up to 1000 grams outdoors or 600 grams per meter squared indoors! In addition to her great yield, she packs a solid euphoric punch with 29% THC with a touch of CBD, perfect for medical and recreational users alike. With relatively easy growing, this is the ideal cash crop Indica for everybody.

2. Best Autoflower: Runtz Auto

If you’re looking for a deliciously sweet autoflower that will deliver up to 700 grams of high-quality purple Zaza per meter squared, Runtz Auto by Barney’s Farm is a no-brainer! Additionally, this strain only takes 70 days from seeds to produce a bounty, making it one of the fastest-growing high yield strains. Outdoors will produce up to a whopping 300 grams per plant and will likely turn purple in colder climates. This plant’s bud is also potent, clocking in at 23% THC with 0.8% CBD. As for the terpenes and flavors, this strain is often described as a fruit smoothie, fresh blueberries, and citrus mixed with classic kush flavors. We highly recommend this to any autoflower growers looking for a quick and bountiful harvest of high-quality Indica buds.

3. Best Sativa: Mimosa EVO

Mimosa EVO is a refreshingly energizing Sativa strain, packed with citrusy flavors and a sweet aftertaste. Not only is it delicious, but this strain also has a massive yield of 700 grams per meter (2.3 oz per square foot) or 2000 grams outdoors! As a Sativa, this strain will grow exceptionally tall (up to 7 feet tall), so be very careful of your headspace. Also, this massive bounty of Sativa is very potent, averaging between 26-28% THC, although some have reported up to 30%. As a result, this strain is euphorically uplifting without the jittery buzz associated with other Sativa. If you’re looking for an easy grow yet high yielding Sativa, Mimosa EVO is the right choice for you.

4. Best Flavor: Pineapple Express Auto

Even decades after its release, this tropical Indica has stayed a staple for high terpene relaxation. Named after the iconic movie, Pineapple Express, this Indica dominant autoflower brings a comical euphoria and relaxation. With its signature fresh pina-colada flavors, Pineapple Express auto is a flavorful and action-packed strain from start to finish. It hits with a mellow puff, pineapple aromas, and a giggly relaxation: perfect for watching a Seth Rogan comedy with! Averaging around 15% THC and 1.4% CBD and bountiful yields of 600 grams per square meter, Pineapple Express auto is a great choice for getting the most bang for your buck in extractions and dabs thanks to its ample resin.

5. Best Indica: LSD

LSD is an Indica strain bred by Barney’s Farm that has been a staple of Amsterdam coffeeshops ever since 2008. As an Indica, its high is powerfully psychoactive, reminiscent of a tab of acid. Due to this strain’s incredible hardiness and resilience, LSD is a perfect choice for beginner growers and trippy strain lovers alike. When this strain is in your garden, you immediately notice a deep earthy smell with a hint of roasted chestnuts. These aromas translate well into LSD’s nutty terpene profile inside its resinous bud. Also, its THC content is high, averaging around 25% with 1.2% CBD— enough to produce a powerful euphoria in conjunction with a body-stone. Moreover, growing this plant is easy with a bountiful harvest in ideal conditions. LSD takes 60-65 days to flower indoors or an October outdoor harvest. The yields are also generous, with massive payouts of 700 grams per sq. meter, or 600-750 grams per plant outdoors! Thanks to the combination of high-quality bud and a tremendous amount of it, LSD is an award-winning Indica.

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