Top 5 best cannabis strains for beginners to grow in 2022 (Part 1)

  • As a beginner in the art of growing cannabis, you’re going to need every advantage you can get.
  • However, one overlooked but essential ingredient for success is your cannabis genetics. Potent genetics can easily make up for the many mistakes a beginner cannabis grower can make.
  • Better yet, some of our strains showed better frost and resin production after stress, making them hardy and resistant.
  • Here are some of our up-and-coming cannabis seeds for 2022 releasing on January 20!

Best Overall: MAC

The new best-in-class strain of this decade is here, as Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC)! This potent hybrid pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, from flavor to potency, Miracle Alien Cookies has it all. MAC’s most distinct feature is the bountiful trichome and resin content, with award-winning bag appeal. So if you need something completely new or you’re looking to wow your friends with MAC’s great buds, these seeds are waiting for you.

Additionally, MAC is famous for its intense, rare flavors and smells. Immediately after flowering, you’ll notice the dense aromas of diesel gas, zesty citrus, and cinnamon spice. After smoking, satisfied growers note its cheerful and relaxing effects along with a euphoric high. Also, some growers and smokers use MAC to help symptoms related to anxiety, stress, and joint pain.

Furthermore, growing MAC is easy for beginners and veterans alike. Thanks to their strong parent genes, Cookies will thrive in nearly any condition. With an average flowering time of 9 weeks (63 Days) and finishing outdoors by early October, this strain is as easy as it is rewarding. By harvest time, you’ll have bud averaging between 23-30% THC with low CBD.

Also, MAC yields up to 550 grams per square meter indoors or 600 grams per plant outdoors. Combined with its insane terpene content, you have an extraordinary strain that belongs in anybody’s garden. Finally, the high yield and high resin make this strain perfect for oil, rosin, and wax extractions.

Best Autoflower: Tropicana Punch Auto

As a fusion of the hit Purple Punch and Tropicana Cookies, Tropicana Punch auto is the perfect hybrid with rich flavors and effects. Tropicana Punch auto is a deliciously crafted strain that packs a taste of lemonade, grape juice, and a sweet cookie aftertaste. In addition, Tropicana Punch auto has THC levels averaging around 25%.

Furthermore, Tropicana Cookies is known for its sweet aromas that greet you in your garden. With an intense terpene profile that produces a smooth smoke, this hybrid is sour, sweet, and earthy with a delicious terpene profile that has a smooth smoke. The dense buds are caked in trichomes while being airy enough to resist mold. Also, this strain develops a deep violet color with beautiful orange pistils, adding major bag appeal. 

Additionally, growing Tropicana Punch auto is simple with excellent results. In just 80 days from seed, you’ll be greeted with up to 17.6 oz per 3x3ft (500 grams/m2) or 1.76 to 5.3 oz (50-150 grams) per plant outdoors. As an autoflower, Tropicana Punch auto avoids common mold and mildew problems. Also, with a short height, you can easily plant this strain anywhere without worrying about space. Thanks to its easy-growing nature, we recommend planting several Tropicana Punch auto crops for outdoor growers.

Best Sativa: Chocolope Auto

Chocolope Auto is an outstanding Sativa autoflower, with countless harvest awards thanks to its distinct milk chocolate flavor and incredible high. Bred from Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, Chocolope auto brings out the best of both. Chocolope auto’s heavy buds taste like cacao, sweet coffee, and earthy notes. Fans of this legendary Sativa love its intense euphoria and instant mood boost. You may also fall in love with its flavor too!

Additionally, this chocolate classic is easy to grow and manage. In just 80 days, you can expect a great yield of delicious dessert bud. The yields average around 500 grams per meter squared or 17.6 oz per 3x3ft. As for potency, this strain packs a strong punch at 22% THC.

This party strain will leave you satisfied, full of refreshing expresso flavors paired with high THC with no CBD. The effects of the Chocolope auto will hit like a burst of high-quality energy– long-lasting and consistent without jitters. Finally, growing Chocolope auto is a breeze to grow, resistant to all diseases and pests while having a short harvest time to grow in any condition. 

Furthermore, the effects of Chocolope auto are genuinely award-winning. After a nice puff of delicious chocolate and espresso, it’ll energize you throughout the day. Chocolope auto is known for its motivational effects song with joy and euphoria. We highly recommend this strain to anybody needing energy or creative artists. 

Stay tuned for the second part covering the best Indica and Best Hybrid of 2022.

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