Best Cannabis Seeds to Grow in Virginia (2022)

Virginia has recently legalized cannabis, allowing each household to grow up to 4 plants. But with just four chances for a successful and big crop, you have to make sure you set yourself up for success or risk the all too common mold, bud rot, and mildew. So here are the top 5 best cannabis seeds strains to grow in Virginia!

1. Best Overall: Zkittlez Xpress

With Virginia’s climate being humid and warm west of the Blue Ridge, you want a fast-growing, mold-resistant strain. Zkittlez Xpress is not only very mold-resistant, but it also has high THC (23%), a little CBD/CBG (1%), delicious medicinal terpenes. These include peppery caryophyllene, hoppy humulene, and the flowery fresh linalool.

Furthermore, this strain was bred and designed for warm, continental climates through October heavy rains. By finishing two weeks earlier in late September, you can enjoy a big harvest of up to 700 grams per plant, all without the hassle of looking for mold. However, we recommend trimming some leaves so the morning dew doesn’t collect on the flowers. We highly recommend Zkittlez Xpress cannabis seeds to grow in Virginia.

2. Best Indica: Purple Punch Xpress

If you’re looking for Indica cannabis seeds that will tip your scales for extractions, gifting, or consumption, Purple Punch Xpress has you covered. With potent genetics, this Indica resists mold, which is very useful when dealing with extra large plants since it’s challenging to spot disease until it’s too late. 

In addition, extraction fans love this cannabis strain because it features very high THC (26-28%), high CBD (2-3%), and rich tastes of warm apple pie and spicy cinnamon. Even better, these prize-winning features intensify when they’re extracted as rosin or hash.

Also, as an Xpress strain, you’ll be able to save time and resources in maintaining the plant, thanks to the flowering time being shorter by two weeks. However, it’ll demand a lot of nutrition and water as a strain that can yield up to 2 kilograms of high-quality bud. Choose Purple Punch Xpress if you want to enjoy high-quality XXL yields without the hassle. We highly recommend Purple Punch Xpress cannabis seeds to grow in Virginia.

3. Best Autoflower: Cream Cookies Auto

Another delicious dessert strain, these wonderful Indica seeds, are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and relaxation needs. Both fast and easy to maintain, we highly recommend this strain to new growers and veterans alike. 

Plus, this strain will likely turn a beautiful purple. The yields are 400 – 500 gr/m2 in just three months! Although nutrients are welcome, users may want to dose lightly and work their way up, making sure that they check the pH level of the water before feeding, generally trying to maintain around 6.5 to avoid stunting the plant’s growth.

4. Best Sativa: Blue Dream

With the flowering times of Sativas being a few weeks longer than Indicas, you’re going to need a mold-resistant Sativa. This task is the perfect job for Blue Dream, a deliciously berry-flavored haze strain that finishes mid-October. You can expect a massive 3000 grams per plant! With 4 of these strains, you could harvest well over 10 kilograms of high-quality buds that drip with vanilla bean and wild blueberry flavors.

Also, Blue Dream is notoriously resistant to powdery mildew. Clones of Blue Dream also root quickly and consistently, making it a cultivator’s dream plant to grow. The buds have large dense yet fluffy popcorn-shaped bright neon green nugs with amber and blue hairs and rich blue undertones. We highly recommend Blue Dream cannabis seeds to grow in Virginia.

5. Best Hybrid: Girl Scout Cookies Xpress

Last but not least, an all-time favorite strain and mother of all dessert strains and mother of all dessert strains, Girl Scout Cookies Xpress! This iconic strain is a fantastic choice for heavy-hitting hybrids with balanced effects. Having been selected for faster finishes and mold resistance, it can easily escape the autumn rains of Virginia. Additionally, Girl Scout Cookies Xpress has good yields and super-high levels of THC, which are award-winning features of this fast-flowering plant.

Girl Scout Cookies Xpress has the sweet taste of grapes and berries with THC levels that fall between 23 – 28%. The fast finish and resistance to mold mean that it can be grown outdoors in somewhat humid conditions, such as coastal or continental areas of Virginia with intense summers and fast onset autumn rains. Indoors flowering takes 7 – 8 weeks, with outdoors yields around 500 grams per plant. We highly recommend Girl Scout Cookies Xpress cannabis seeds to grow in Virginia.

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